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(Bologna, Italy)

Tourists looking for bargains in Bologna should travel to the city in the periods from July to August or from December to January, as this is when the Italian sales hit the shops. It is also worth noting that many local stores throughout Emilia-Romagna choose to close for a short period after lunch, for an afternoon siesta.

Shopping: Where to Shop in Bologna

Shoppers should look out for leather goods including shoes, belts, wallets and jackets, which are usually of impressive quality and make for good souvenirs.

The main shopping streets in Bologna are located around Piazza Maggiore, Via dell'Indipendenza, Via Ugo Bassi, Via D'Azeglio and Via Rizzoli. Expensive clothing retail outlets containing fashionable garments made by known Italian designers can be found in these areas.

Local Markets

Markets in Bologna are interesting and varied, with the main ones being Piazzo Santo Stefano for antiques; Piazza Maggiore for books; Parco della Montagnola, a flea market held on Fridays and Saturdays; and Celo' Mamaca, a collectors market held on Thursdays.
  • La Piazzola - Fridays and Saturdays, clothes, handicrafts and second-hand goodies
  • Mamanca - Thursdays, various antiquities and books
  • Mercato di Antiquariato - once a month on the second Sunday, antiques and collectibles
  • Mercato Coperto - daily, fresh local produce
  • Orefici - daily, mornings, food market

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