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(Bologna, Italy)

The five main theatres located in the city of Bologna are the Teatri di Vita, featuring experimental dance and drama; Teatro Comunale, hosting opera and ballet; Arena del Sole, focusing on prose and contemporary ballet; Teatro San Leonardo; and Teatro Testoni, dedicated to children's shows.

Other forms of entertainment in Bologna include bars, live music venues, nightclubs and discos.

The main entertainment areas can be found at via del Pratello and around the university. Pubs and bars on via del Pratello include: Birreria del Pratello, Monastero and Il Rovescio. Bologna has some good jazz venues, such as Chet Baker Jazz Club, Cantina Bentivoglio and Osteria dell'Orsa.

Theatres and Entertainment Venues

Nuova Scena Società Cooperativa
Address: Via delle Moline 1, Bologna, Italy
Tel: +39 051 648 6387
Website: www.arenadelsole.it/

Teatro Alemanni
Address: Via Mazzini 65, Bologna, Italy
Tel: +39 051 303609
Website: www.teatroalemanni.it/

Teatro Comunale di Bologna
Address: Largo Respighi 1, Bologna, Italy
Tel: +39 051 529902
Website: www.tcbo.it/

Teatro dei Bibiena
Address: Via San Vitale 13, Bologna, Italy
Tel: +39 051 228291
Website: www.societadellamusica.it/

Teatro delle Celebrazioni
Address: Via Saragozza 234, Bologna, Italy
Tel: +39 051 615 3370
Website: www.teatrocelebrazioni.it/

Teatro Duse
Address: Via Cartoleria 42, Bologna, Italy
Tel: +39 051 231836
Website: www.teatrodusebologna.it/

Teatro Testoni
Address: Via Giacomo Matteotti 16, Bologna, Italy
Tel: +39 051 415 3700
Website: www.testoniragazzi.it/

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